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“Where is Waldo” on google maps, play it now!

There is almost nobody who has never heard of the character, who is wearing a red white striped shirt and hat, glasses, who looks always happy and is called Waldo. It appeared for the first time in 1987 and after this first book, much more sequels would follow. So far it always have been books but, this week you can play “Where is Waldo” on Google map.

Android O will be launched soon.

Google will present a new version of android on the 21st august. The name is only known for the moment as an O and it will be the 8th version of android.

[Deal Alert] Google Nexus 5 Refurbished Sale

Looking for a smart phone? But, can't afford the newest and greatest technology put in phones by top notch manufacterers? Well, look no further.

The Future of Wi-Fi is here with TP-LINK and Google's OnHub TGR 1900

Networking has developed and progressed over a long period of time. A result of which lead to what we now know as Wi-Fi routers. Ever wondered what could be next?

Google & Samsung Surprise with Patent-sharing Agreement

The Internet let out a gasp of surprise when Google and Samsung announced the signing of a 10-year "Global Patent License Agreement" that will undoubtedly aim to cut down on all the recent copyright lawsuits between different smartphone manufacturers of late.

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