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Logitech Craft Review

The Logi Craft is a wireless keyboard that offers a premium typing experience. On top of that it has a very useful input dial, called a crown, that can be used in many ways to ease your workflow and keep you focused on what you are doing. I will be dividing this review in multiple parts to describe the experience of each facet of this product.

waterresistant mechanical keyboard from razer

Razer is know for delivering great quality keyboards. They have released a mechanical keyboard that is water and dust partical resistant. This makes sure that you have a quality keyboard not only in a perfect clean game and development environment, but in every environment.

Review: Cherry B.Unlimited 3 Desktop

Cherry is probably the most known for its mechanical keyboard switches, often used in the gaming peripheral industry for state-of-the-art keyboards. Aside from their many different types of switches, they also release a few finished products of their own, such as this recent keyboard and mouse set: the B.Unlimited Desktop.


Logitech PRO G keyboard

Finally, Logitech, a well-known company by gamers for their high-quality peripherals, produced its first Pro G Mechanical keyboard. This is the first keyboard they made, designed and used by top pro E-sports players.

A hitchhikers guide to Mechanical Keyboard Switches

This article will give the reader a clearer view of the different types of existing mechanical keyboard switches. More specifically, we take a look at both Cherry MX switches, Razer's switches and Logitech's Romer-G Mechanical Keyboard Switches.

First Logitech PRO G keyboard announced

Logitech a well know company by gamers finally produced its first Logitech Pro G keyboard. This keyboard is a quality full gaming keyboard designed and used by top pro E-sport players.



Trust GXT870 Review

Trust is a Dutch company that makes hardware accessories for electronic devises since 1983. Their philosophy is making hardware accessible for everyone and to be present in every asset of hardware accessories. This goal is recognized by one of their main mottos : you name it, we got it.

Razer Deathstalker - Review

After I had spilled an entire glass of coconut milk over my old keyboard, it began to malfunction and because of this I decided to get myself a new keyboard. Now, purchasing a keyboard isn’t as easy as it seems. There are different kind of keyboards available on the market. Personally, I prefer mechanical keyboards which are equipped with Cherry MX compatible keys. But only having a $100 budget, meant I had to find some sort of “sweet spot”. With good quality mechanical keyboards, such as the Corsair K90 or the CM Storm NovaTouch costing over a hundred dollars, it meant I had to find something cheaper. As a gamer, I had always been a fan of Razer. Razer, a company known for making gaming peripherals and great laptops, such as their Razer Blade has some keyboards available for under a hundred dollars, one of which is the Razer Deathstalker Expert.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Have you ever wondered:"why hasn't anyone made a keyboard that works for every device yet?". Well, say no more, because Microsoft has just announced the release of their new Universal Foldable Keyboard.

Razer Black Widow Chroma Ultimate

The Razer "Black Widow Chroma Ultimate" keyboard, the future or just an awesome gaming keyboard.

Everybody familiar with computers know Razer as a trustable manufacturer of awesome computer gear. Ranging from keyboards, computer mice, to headphones and even further.

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