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Logitech releases the MX vertical

Logitech has come up with a new kind of mouse in their MX series. The mouse is vertically positioned with an angle of 57 degrees and would be able to relieve stress on the wrist of the user. The MX vertical will have a sensor supporting up to 4000 dpi.

Logitech Craft Review

The Logi Craft is a wireless keyboard that offers a premium typing experience. On top of that it has a very useful input dial, called a crown, that can be used in many ways to ease your workflow and keep you focused on what you are doing. I will be dividing this review in multiple parts to describe the experience of each facet of this product.

Logitech MX Sound Review

Together with Logitech's MX Master mouse, Craft keyboard and Brio webcam, Logitech's MX Sound 2.0 Bluetooth speakers form the company's premium computer accessory line. While they're described as bluetooth speakers, they're primarily designed to serve as your regular desktop speakers, but offer the extra capability to use as a bluetooth speaker for your phone or laptop.

Logitech PRO G keyboard

Finally, Logitech, a well-known company by gamers for their high-quality peripherals, produced its first Pro G Mechanical keyboard. This is the first keyboard they made, designed and used by top pro E-sports players.

Review: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse

With the G900 Chaos Spectrum, Logitech profiles itself on the Gaming Mouse market as a new high-end player. In this review we'll see if the mouse gives the bang for your buck.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review

Ultimate Ears is a branch of Logitech dedicated to audio solutions like portable audio and earbuds. Several bluetooth speakers made it to the retail market and had a pretty positive response from the public. So what's the next step? Bigger and louder of course! 

A hitchhikers guide to Mechanical Keyboard Switches

This article will give the reader a clearer view of the different types of existing mechanical keyboard switches. More specifically, we take a look at both Cherry MX switches, Razer's switches and Logitech's Romer-G Mechanical Keyboard Switches.

First Logitech PRO G keyboard announced

Logitech a well know company by gamers finally produced its first Logitech Pro G keyboard. This keyboard is a quality full gaming keyboard designed and used by top pro E-sport players.



Give-Away: Logitech Driving Force GT! - UPDATE

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Logitec X-300 bluetooth speaker review

The Logitech X-300 could be described as a “nice cosy speaker, which is totally worth its price”. For Logitech this is one of their first Bluetooth speakers, which costs between 60 and 75 euros. The fancy colourful design catches the eye immediately, it could be placed in horizontal or vertical position, which is a nice extra touch. It is light weighted, only 335 gram, so it can easily be used for travelling.

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