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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Official PC trailer released

Activision and Treyarch have released a new trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 4, dedicated to its PC version. Publisher Activision Blizzard claims it is putting a lot of energy into the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. According to the companies, the game will be fully optimized on the PC and will support ultra-wide screens and multi monitors, is designed for mouse and keyboard, and will support 4K resolutions and uncapped framerate.

Steam Audio

Valve wants to take steam audio to the next level.

Steam just released a brand new software called Steam Audio. It is available for PC, Android, mac OS and Linux

Ockel Sirius A - Merging Two Worlds

The pursuit of making everything portable and connected 24/7 drives the inspiration of Ockel to create something to keep up with the enormous amount of media we are prone to consume. Testing their idea of inventing a new world different from mobile and desktop, Ockel ...

Aercool announces new DS-230 Chassis

After the great success of the Dead Silence series with its DS Cube, DS 200, and the DS case fans, a new member joins Aerocool's award winning high-end product line.
The new DS-230 inherits great features from the DS-200, such as the elegant exterior design and the superior passive noise cancelling capabilities.

VisionTek Introduces DriveXpander 2.5" Drive Expansion Slot Adapter

VisionTek Products LLC, a leading manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance upgrades and accessoires for PC's and Macs announced two days ago the new VisionTek DriveXpander 2.5'' drive expa

Bequiet Silent Base 800 Case Review

Bequiet has a outstanding reputation for making advanced premium power supplies like the Dark pro 10 series and the famous Dark Pro cooling solutions. With those products the German company deliver high quality and absolutely the quietest pc equipment available with very compative value range on the market today. Bequiet! continue's this mission and with all their expercience and knowledge from 2006 untill now, the company shows the world their first in house developed PC case, the Silent Base 800.You might think why do we need another brand into this market and does it really offer more or even better solutions than we allready know. Well,,,there is only one way to find it out and that is to start this review and test it. Out of the three color themes orange,black and silver we received the Bequiet! Silent Base 800 black.


Dying Light Release Date Annoucement

Dying Light is set in a vast open world, delivering expansive and varied environments, a wide variety of enemy classes and a hopeless tale of survival where resources are scarce and the infected

Minecraft for PS3 already sold over 1 million times

It’s been a little more than a month since Minecraft’s PS3-port came out and it has already been sold more than a million times.

CES 2014: Intel unveils a wearable-sized Pentium PC called 'Edison'

Intel didn't introduce big cores for big machines, but they introduced a small chip with a very small form factor like an SD-card.

Update: PC Drivers Status for Xbox One Controllers

Before you go and get all excited from reading the title of this post, I'll just come right out and say it: The drivers are still not available. There has been some reported progre

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