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AMD's Announcement on Board Partner Rebranding

ASUS announced the rebranding of its AMD Radeon RX graphics cards to 'AREZ' today. Over the coming weeks, you can expect to see other add-in board partners to do the same. AMD released a press statement which follows below.

Radeon FreeSync for Xbox One S and Xbox One X

The release of technologies like FreeSync and GSync made it possible to play games fluently, even on lower framerates. Until now, most adaptations were meant for PC gaming, leaving console gamers with screen tearing to fend for themselves. Mismatched refresh rates and high latency can ruin gameplay experience, it doesn't matter whether you're playing an FPS or your favourite RPG. 

XFX Radeon RX460 4GB Review

In addition to the RX series, AMD just released a new member even more budget friendly than the other two products. The card focuses primarily on budget gamers who mainly play eSports-like games, for which League of Legends, DOTA and Overwatch are highly anticipated examples.

AMD Radeon RX470 - HD Orientated

AMD just launched the new RX470 Graphics card which is praised for its very affordable price and brilliant HD performance. The card is optimized with the newest technologies and supports all recently released graphics APIs to the fullest.

Sapphire R9 390X & 390 Nitro Review

SAPPHIRE worked closely with AMD for years now, therefor they've always been one of the biggest partners of AMD on the graphics department. Once again, SAPPHIRE delivers an incredible R9 390(X) on a reasonable pricepoint of 353/299 euro including

AMD R9 300 Series Launch At Computex 2015 Taipai

Many rumors suggest that the R9 300 series will be a rebrand of the R9 200 series with improved performance.

AMD Announces The Radeon R7 SSD Family

Solid State drives are becoming more and more popular since the price finally drops to fair values.

AMD Radeon R7 250X in the works was able to get a Sapphire R7 250X in picture which does predict that AMD is working on a graphics card to compete with the new GTX 750 (Ti) from Nvidia.

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