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Picture of Samsung S9 and S9+ leaked

Samsung is going to present their new phones S9 and S9+ end February in Barcelona. But recently a picture leaked about their new models. Evan Blass aka @evleaks, already mentioned in some previous articles, published last week a picture of the front and the back of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Samsung GDDR6 memory speeds announced

Samsung recently released some information regarding CES awards, in this piece of information, a snippet of an award pointing towards their GDDR6 memory was found. We filtered some of the text that includes some specifications and technology used in the memory. 

Samsung CF591 review

Samsung is well known for their monitors, their phones, their tablets, overall actually well known for their technology. Earlier this year ( may 2016) they released a new set of screens including the CF591 curved full HD 27 inch PC monitor. It is designed for business or home use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Review

If there’d be one company to rule them all, It would be Samsung, not only because it has its own private army, but also because of its capability to release amazing products worth reviewing or buying every year. Samsung makes loads of stuff, such as excellent 512 GB SSD’s, namely the “Samsung Evo” line and of course their smartphones, which we’re all familiar with. Samsung is known for being Apple’s arch nemesis in the field of smartphone manufacturing. So that’s why you always see Samsung fanboys and Apple fanboys yell at each other at events, some of the arguments they come up with are truly hilarious. But enough about that, you’re probably not here to read about the pointless discussions these people have. So let’s get to it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - release date announced

Good news everyone, this is probably how professor Farnsworth would announce this. Samsung, which we of course all know very well, has finally announced the official release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The official release date being the 21th of August in the United States of America. But wait… why did you only mention the USA? You might be asking yourself. Here’s he bad news, it’s not going to be released in Europe at all. This makes me very sad as a European citizen myself. But let’s not drown ourselves in self pity right now and let’s all look at from the bright side for a second.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Samsung continued the same kind of design with their S line Smartphones. Until now there wasn't something really 'new' about the design of the phones except a little change in shape and the ability to fend water. With this new generation of Galaxy S Smartphones there's an anomaly which we already saw on the Note 4 Edge. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a comparable brother with the same specifications, but offering a stylish design with 2 curved edges on the left and the right. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 review

Not long ago we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this phone got awarded with a well earned silver award. Around that period, the S5 was almost ready to launch. Again we're a little late with our review for this new product. Anyway, we're still interested to see what this phone is able to handle at the price they're selling it today. Will it be able to catch up with his predecessor and earn a silver award? Worse or even better? We'll find out in this review.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Around this time previous year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 and now they're already releasing their new Samsung Galaxy S5 with better specifications and prepared to beat his competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S IV review - Page 1


Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

Previous year, Samsung released their new Tab 3 series including the Galaxy Tab3 7.0 which is basically a 7-inch version.


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