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AMD Radeon RX470 - HD Orientated

AMD just launched the new RX470 Graphics card which is praised for its very affordable price and brilliant HD performance. The card is optimized with the newest technologies and supports all recently released graphics APIs to the fullest.

Sapphire R9 390X & 390 Nitro Review

SAPPHIRE worked closely with AMD for years now, therefor they've always been one of the biggest partners of AMD on the graphics department. Once again, SAPPHIRE delivers an incredible R9 390(X) on a reasonable pricepoint of 353/299 euro including

BHTec Gaming Goes Public

We are happy to announce that our collaboration with BlackHoleTec is official! We have waited patiently for this announcement but are happy it is finally here!

HyperX Partners with ESL One to Provide Gaming Hardware

HyperX Partners with ESL One to Provide Gaming Hardware


Etekcity Scroll FLY - review

Our favourite budget peripheral manufacturer, EtekCity, has provided us with another sample to review. This time they have given us one of their budget gaming mice. Here at BHT we’re obviously all seasoned gamers, and since we’re all proud members of the glorious PC master race, we can safely say we know what a good gaming mouse is. So let us start our review on the Etekcity Scroll FLY.

NVIDIA Bundles Metal Gear Solid V

NVIDIA is going to hand out free copies of Metal Gear Solid V with select GeForce GTX GPUs!


AMD Fury X - what will it be used for?

The last couple of years, people have always had massive E-ATX motherboard compatible cases, with massive heatsinks on their CPU’s and not to forget an insanely large SLI configuration .This used to be what a quality gaming PC looked like. Personally, I still think this is the case. A gaming rig needs to look like it has a lot horsepower underneath the hood. The new gaming PC’s people are building, do not give off that particular “beefy” look. I’m talking of course about the new builds, using ITX form factor cases.

Virtuix Omni - VR's future

We’ve all heard of the amazing advancements we’ve made the last couple of years in virtual reality gaming. There are incredible items on the market right now, such as the Oculus rift, the HTC Vive or the Razer OSVR. But one thing all of them are lacking, are motion controls. Okay, you might be thinking right now: “No they’re not, you can use Razer Hydras!”. I won’t say you’re wrong, but Razer Hydras are only good for recording arm movement, and that’s about it. What we really need is a way to turn our VR headset into a StarTrek holodeck. And a small kickstarted company, called Virtuix, may have come up with a solution for this.

Updated OUYA Console Announced, Available Now

Despite a successful Kickstarter campaign, the OUYA had a shaky launch in June last year, with slow adoption rates, despite impressive developer support. This past weekend, OUYA announced an updated version (second generation, if you will) of their console. The price has jumped from $99 to $129, but is that the only new thing about the second generation? No, sir. Not by a long shot.

CES 2014: Razer Breaks Into Every-day Life With Razer Nabu

Every year, CES brings a great many announcements to the electronic and gadget market.


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