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Nvidia RTX2080 doubles GTX1080 in game performance

At the GeForce Gaming Event 3 days ago, Nvidia announced a new line of graphics cards including the RTX 2080Ti, RTX 2080 and RTX 2070. The graphics cards are based on the new Turing architecture and use RT-cores for 'Ray tracing'. These RT-cores would make it possible use realtime ray tracing in games.

Rumors of an AMD/MSI gaming bundle

AMD and MSI might be planning on releasing a gaming bundle called the 'Combat crate'. This box would include a motherboard, processor and graphics card. The rumor is based on two photos spotted by Videocardz. On the second photo, you can see the back of the box with a description of what's inside.

Nvidia Geforce Partner Program: what does it mean?

Nvidia recently introduced the Geforce Partner Program (GPP), but what exactly does this mean? The initiative is meant to close the gap between Nvidia and its retail partners. These partners are not obligated to join the program, but they'll miss out on some important perks if they don't.

ZOTAC brings watercooling to a next level - ArcticStorm Waterblock

"ZOTAC Brings Down the Mercury with ArcticStorm Waterblock" - The press title in our mailbox today. This global manufacturer of innovation introduces a newly designed waterblock called 'ArcticStorm' which is mainly built for those who seek the best of the best.

AMD Radeon RX470 - HD Orientated

AMD just launched the new RX470 Graphics card which is praised for its very affordable price and brilliant HD performance. The card is optimized with the newest technologies and supports all recently released graphics APIs to the fullest.

AMD reaffirms DX12 leadership with newest Benchmark

Futuremark released their newest DX12 benchmark benchmark, 3DMark Time Spy, today. In addition to that, we received information from AMD demonstration Radeon Graphic's leaderschip in DirectX 12

AMD Demonstrates Revolutionary 14nm FinFET Polaris GPU Architecture

The world’s first public showcase of 14nm FinFET PC GPU technology promises more than double the performance per watt over previous generations; now sampling to OEMs

AMD A8-7670K - review

If you’re currently using a PS4 or Xbox One, you probably know what an APU is. If you don’t, well then, an APU is an accelerated processing unit. It is basically a standard CPU but where the cores work together to create an as smooth as possible gaming experience.
The world’s main APU fabricator is of course AMD. And they sent us in one of their newer APU’s to review. The AMD A8-7670K.

The GTX 950 - what can we expect?

With pc gaming getting more popular by the day and more teenagers buying gaming pc’s, the search for budget GPU’s enlarges as well. Most teenagers between the age of 13 and 19 don’t have that much money stored in their piggy banks, and even with all those jobs during the weekends, saving up enough to buy a 980Ti will take a long time. That’s why Nvidia designed their new, about to be released, GPU; the GTX 950. The GTX 950 was designed for people working on a budget, that would still like to play low-end games, such as the well known “League Of Legends” and “Dota”, or perhaps even CS;GO.


AMD Fury X - what will it be used for?

The last couple of years, people have always had massive E-ATX motherboard compatible cases, with massive heatsinks on their CPU’s and not to forget an insanely large SLI configuration .This used to be what a quality gaming PC looked like. Personally, I still think this is the case. A gaming rig needs to look like it has a lot horsepower underneath the hood. The new gaming PC’s people are building, do not give off that particular “beefy” look. I’m talking of course about the new builds, using ITX form factor cases.


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