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Benchmark | Black Hole Tec


Beta-Testing Phase BHBench V5

Now that the closed Alpha Testing Phase has ended and we fixed the known bugs and compatibility with new CPU architectures. We launched the beta version of the new BlackHoleTec CPU Benchmark software. Three years ago, was the testing base of our own benchmarking software. Without much knowledge of microprocessors, programming or hardware in general I was able to create a so called 'CPU Benchmark'.

Kaveri A10 7800 benchmarked against A10 6800K

AMD Kaveri's launch isn't far away from now.

Samsung and HTC devices cheating in benchmarks - Got banned from Futuremark

Most of us already heard things of this kind of cheating in July/August.

AMD Mobile roadmap 2014: Mullins and Beema revealed

AMD already discussed their plans for the desktop platform, now it's time for the mobile segment. Earlier this year, AMD already released Kabini and Temash APUs with an 28nm process.

Black Hole Benchmark Cross-Platform support!

The Black Hole Benchmark began as a little program calculating the performance of a single thread of your CPU, but the program was improved daily, and became more robust as time went on, supporting

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