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Discover Trappist-1 or take selfies in space with NASA's VR-apps

NASA released two VR applications that make it possible to hang around in space. Both applications were made to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the launch of the Spitzer Space Telescope. In those 15 years, the telescope was able to obtain a variety of interesting facts about space and made some beautiful images as well. 

Android O will be launched soon.

Google will present a new version of android on the 21st august. The name is only known for the moment as an O and it will be the 8th version of android.

Steam Audio

Valve wants to take steam audio to the next level.

Steam just released a brand new software called Steam Audio. It is available for PC, Android, mac OS and Linux

Android-based Nokia Phone Coming this Month

Though all current Nokia phones run Windows Mobile, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nokia is planning to push out one last new phone before Microsoft takes over, and that phone will be running Android. Albeit, a heavily reskinned and modified version of Android, but Android nonetheless.

Google & Samsung Surprise with Patent-sharing Agreement

The Internet let out a gasp of surprise when Google and Samsung announced the signing of a 10-year "Global Patent License Agreement" that will undoubtedly aim to cut down on all the recent copyright lawsuits between different smartphone manufacturers of late.

Minecraft for PS3 already sold over 1 million times

It’s been a little more than a month since Minecraft’s PS3-port came out and it has already been sold more than a million times.

Sony looking for Windows Phone

Will Microsoft provide the future OS for new Sony phones?

Black Hole Benchmark Cross-Platform support!

The Black Hole Benchmark began as a little program calculating the performance of a single thread of your CPU, but the program was improved daily, and became more robust as time went on, supporting

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