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First Windows 10 Redstone 5 update

There is a first Windows 10 Redstone 5 update, for a really small inside audience. The update is scheduled for something around September. But first Redstone 4 will become available for the grand population. There will be a lot of new features and bug/error fixes.

Analysing WannaCry Ransomware

The past few days have taken the world of cyber security by surprise: a piece of malware known as "WannaCry" has broken out in an epidemic throughout various companies in the world.

The Intel Compute Stick - A pocket PC running windows

It has been a year that Google launched their Chromecast stick with which you can turn your old TV to a brand new smartTV. That said, the stick is able to provide you of some smart functions currently found in most modern televisions, but performs pretty slow. Intel’s Compute stick is fast enough to run windows 8.1 apps on your TV! Which requires a lot more power than ChromeOS. ChromeOS has some drawbacks as it’s based on just a browser-centric operating system.

Daewoo Dongle - the most portable PC

Nowadays, everyone has a portal device to take with them to either school or work. Some of us have a laptop or notebook, while others use a tablet because they find it easier to handle. But what if you could just take a device, only slightly bigger than a USB stick with you to work. Then just plug it into the the local monitor and start working, wouldn't that be "the most portable PC"?

Android-based Nokia Phone Coming this Month

Though all current Nokia phones run Windows Mobile, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nokia is planning to push out one last new phone before Microsoft takes over, and that phone will be running Android. Albeit, a heavily reskinned and modified version of Android, but Android nonetheless.

Microsoft Preps Windows 8.1 Update 1 for March Release

According to an anonymous Microsoft insider, ZDNet has broken the news that Windows 8.1's next update should launch on March 11th of this year, which we're sure is no coincidence that the update will be releasing just a few weeks before Windows Phone 8.1 releases. Perhaps we'll see some cross-platform features bundled into this update alongside some performance, UI, and optimization tweaks.

Windows XP Support Ending, But Not Quite?

It's old news now that Microsoft is planning to end all support for their aged, but much-beloved and still prolific operating system, Windows XP, which will be turning the ripe old age of 13 this O

The Dream of Xbox One Controller Support on PC

Knowing full-well that the Xbox One controller won't be officially supported by Microsoft drivers until "early 2014," I bought myself one for PC gaming anyway.

Black Hole Benchmark Cross-Platform support!

The Black Hole Benchmark began as a little program calculating the performance of a single thread of your CPU, but the program was improved daily, and became more robust as time went on, supporting

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