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Intel's new hexa-core mobile processors

A recenty leaked roadmap from Intel, the market leader in the processor industry, shows a bright future for the multicore processor industry with Intel releasing their first hexa-core mainstream mobile processors soon.

Press Release: AMD Increases Notebook Market Traction

The 6th Generation AMD PRO A-Series processors, which efficiently integrate extensive AMD CPU, graphics, security, and video processing IP into a single SoC design, will now power two new HP 600 series ProBooks.

The HP ProBook 645 14-inch and HP ProBook 655 15.6-inch notebooks allow businesses to equip their workforces with widely configurable and extremely cost-effective HP notebook PCs, enabling executive-class collaboration and professional-grade capabilities. Containing AMD PRO A-Series processors with brilliant AMD Radeon™ graphics, Windows 10®, robust DDR3 memory, and professional-grade peripheral devices, these HP ProBooks create a top-of-the-line user experience.

Samsung and HTC devices cheating in benchmarks - Got banned from Futuremark

Most of us already heard things of this kind of cheating in July/August.

AMD Mobile roadmap 2014: Mullins and Beema revealed

AMD already discussed their plans for the desktop platform, now it's time for the mobile segment. Earlier this year, AMD already released Kabini and Temash APUs with an 28nm process.

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