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Ockel Sirius A - Merging Two Worlds

The pursuit of making everything portable and connected 24/7 drives the inspiration of Ockel to create something to keep up with the enormous amount of media we are prone to consume. Testing their idea of inventing a new world different from mobile and desktop, Ockel ...

Toshiba Satellite Click Mini - Review

With the new school year having already started for some of you. It might be time to get a new laptop, that is if your old one is broken. But do you really need a $1000 gaming laptop? Say you have a dedicated desktop for gaming, then you obviously don’t need to spend another $1000 on a laptop. For that amount of money, you could get both a laptop and a tablet pc. Now, what if there’d be a way to combine your tablet, mostly for leisure use, with your school laptop?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - release date announced

Good news everyone, this is probably how professor Farnsworth would announce this. Samsung, which we of course all know very well, has finally announced the official release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The official release date being the 21th of August in the United States of America. But wait… why did you only mention the USA? You might be asking yourself. Here’s he bad news, it’s not going to be released in Europe at all. This makes me very sad as a European citizen myself. But let’s not drown ourselves in self pity right now and let’s all look at from the bright side for a second.

Acer A1-830 tablet review

Acer's A1 830 belongs to their Budget tablet line up and will beat other tablets in the same price range in terms of performance when we look to its specifications. However, we don't only test processing ability, let's see how we see this tablet when we're ready with testing every part in and out. Enjoy!

AMD shows 'Project Discovery' gaming tablet concept

This week, AMD showed us a tablet specially designed for games and it will be officially presented and tested during CES 2014.

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