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AMD EPYC™ Datacenter Processor Launches with Record-Setting Performance, Optimized Platforms, and Global Server Ecosystem Support

AMD, and a global ecosystem of server partners, today marked a new era in the datacenter with the launch of AMD EPYC™7000 series high-performance datacenter processors.

New AMD CPU line to take on Skylake X

In the middle of this year, AMD is planning the release of a new enthousiast grade CPU line to take on intel's skylake X line-up.

AMD Launch Ryzen 5 CPUs

Following the successful introduction of AMD Ryzen™ 7 desktop processors including record pre-orders and award-winning1performance, 

AMD Ryzen Launched

After four years and thousands of hours of development, AMD released the first three models of its highly anticipated, high-performance AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor. Strong demand for these new desktop CPUs drove record pre-orders from more than 180 global retailers and boutique OEMs throughout the week prior to launch.

AMD unleashes new open source VR audio and streaming technologies

Audio is essential to creating a truly immersive VR experience – achieving lifelike presence in virtual reality demands audio that sounds as good as the graphics look. Until now, physics-based audio engines were forced to rely on statistically-derived physics. Part of AMD’s LiquidVR initiative, TrueAudio Next is a scalable AMD technology that enables real-time dynamic physics-based audio acoustics rendering. 

AMD - Road To ZEN First Information

AMD lay low on the high-performance CPU market for a full 2 years now. In these two years, they've been working on a entirely new CPU architecture from the ground up. The new high-performance x86 core design supports a Simultaneous Multithreading architecture or SMT for high throughput...

XFX Radeon RX460 4GB Review

In addition to the RX series, AMD just released a new member even more budget friendly than the other two products. The card focuses primarily on budget gamers who mainly play eSports-like games, for which League of Legends, DOTA and Overwatch are highly anticipated examples.

AMD Radeon RX470 - HD Orientated

AMD just launched the new RX470 Graphics card which is praised for its very affordable price and brilliant HD performance. The card is optimized with the newest technologies and supports all recently released graphics APIs to the fullest.

AMD reaffirms DX12 leadership with newest Benchmark

Futuremark released their newest DX12 benchmark benchmark, 3DMark Time Spy, today. In addition to that, we received information from AMD demonstration Radeon Graphic's leaderschip in DirectX 12

Sapphire R9 390X & 390 Nitro Review

SAPPHIRE worked closely with AMD for years now, therefor they've always been one of the biggest partners of AMD on the graphics department. Once again, SAPPHIRE delivers an incredible R9 390(X) on a reasonable pricepoint of 353/299 euro including


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