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AMD Demonstrates Revolutionary 14nm FinFET Polaris GPU Architecture

The world’s first public showcase of 14nm FinFET PC GPU technology promises more than double the performance per watt over previous generations; now sampling to OEMs

RTG Technology Summit - Visual Technologies

1. The evolution of AMD FreeSync

AMD Achieves Leading Market Share for Thin Clients

 AMD announced that the company achieved a number one market share position for thin clients based on its thin-client shipments.

AMD Launches the Industry’s Best Performing Low Profile Graphics Card for CAD for Both Small Form Factor and Tower Workstations

AMD unveiled the AMD FirePro™ W4300 for the best Computer-Aided Design (CAD) performance that fits both small form factor (SFF) and tower workstations.

AMD Launches ‘Boltzmann Initiative’ to Dramatically Reduce Barriers to GPU Computing on AMD FirePro™ Graphics

Building on its strategic investments in heterogeneous system architecture (HSA), AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) announced a suite of tools designed to ease development of high-performance, energy efficient hete

AMD Appoints Darren Grasby to President of EMEA

Appointment strengthen focus on key regions in support of driving deeper customer and partner relationships

AMD R9 285 2GB CrossFire Scaling and Performance

We have two Sapphire R9 285’s, each spotting 2GB of DDR5 Memory with a 256 bus-width. This is intended as a follow up review to the A10-7870K where we tested crossfire performance but the quad core CPU proved to be quite a bottleneck, which is what lead us to test crossfire performance with the FX 8350.

AMD Partners with Oculus and Dell to Power Oculus Ready PCs

announced a collaboration with Oculus and Dell to equip Oculus Ready PCs with AMD Radeon™ GPUs, starting at $999USD.

AMD A8-7670K - review

If you’re currently using a PS4 or Xbox One, you probably know what an APU is. If you don’t, well then, an APU is an accelerated processing unit. It is basically a standard CPU but where the cores work together to create an as smooth as possible gaming experience.
The world’s main APU fabricator is of course AMD. And they sent us in one of their newer APU’s to review. The AMD A8-7670K.

AMD Introduces PRO A-Series Processors Enabling Enhanced Performance, Reliability and New Opportunities for Businesses

AMD PRO processors deliver breakthrough performance and dependability optimized to meet the evolving budget and IT needs of businesses today and tomorrow


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