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AMD A8 7650K APU Review

While Carrizo is launching in the second quarter of 2015, we're still not sure that there'll be a desktop part to replace Kaveri. Instead, AMD has launched another Kaveri chip in their A8 series. The difference in specifications with the other models already explains that we're dealing with a chip between entry and midrange.

AMD R9 300 Series Launch At Computex 2015 Taipai

Many rumors suggest that the R9 300 series will be a rebrand of the R9 200 series with improved performance.

The First FreeSync Supporting Catalyst Drivers

AMD is very excited to announce the first Catalyst drivers with FreeSync support, a technology made to eliminate problems like screentearing, lag, stuttering and so on.

AMD FX 8370, FX 8370E, FX 8320E Review

AMD has added a few more processors to their already existing Vishera CPU line-up. The new processors include the FX 8370, FX 8370E and the FX 8320E. The 8370E and the 8320E as the name itself suggests are energy efficient processors rated at a TDP of 95W while the FX 8370 being closer to the FX 8350 comes with a 125W TDP. This does indeed sound impressive as AMD has been able to lower the TDP while still maintaining a respectable boost clock speed. The FX 8370E and the FX 8320E are geared towards those users who have older motherboards supporting only 95W CPUs. This could be a step in the right direction for AMD as they have now made their 8 core processors available to those with Micro ATX Motherboards. Here's a look at the processors.

AMD slashes 7% of its workforce, following drop in profits

AMD is facing a rather rough period, owing to worse-than-expected Q3 results. The technology giant saw APU and GPU profits drop 16%.

AMD Catalyst 14.9 WHQL Driver Download

AMD has released a new WHQL-certified driver, version 14.9. These new drivers come with a host of performance features.

AMD partnering with synopsys for more advanced process nodes

Some might have noticed that AMD has been pretty quiet in the last period.

AMD's FX8370 achieves 8.7GHz on all 8 cores

Not long ago, AMD announced the FX8370 to launch on the second of september.

AMD reveals details of new Athlon parts

AMD's kaveri based Athlon CPUs have been revealed by the company itself.

AMD Introducing Piledriver refresh with lower TDP

After Intel, AMD also decided to turn the switch and refresh their Piledriver line-up once again. This time however, they're falling back on a power efficient update.


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