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Competition: Black Hole Mayhem

It's finally there! The Black Hole Mayhem, a competition for all enthousiasts and overclockers to go totally crazy! Before you enter your score to the server, be VERY sure you followed all the rules visible on this page. You got only 1 single chance to submit a score, don't throw this away. As mentioned in the announcement, the event will run from today, 18 August, until 27 August. The day after, we'll declare the winners of the contest and the random drawings.

Announcement: Black Hole Mayhem

To celebrate the BlackHole Tec website’s first successful year, we’re giving our users something of a competition and a giveaway, so all users have a chance.
The competition will run from 18-27 August, with the winners announced on the 28th. Winners will then be contacted for their shipping details.

AMD Announces The Radeon R7 SSD Family

Solid State drives are becoming more and more popular since the price finally drops to fair values.

AMD Toronto will support DDR3 and DDR4

The website leaked some interesting info about AMD's Toronto APU platform stating that AMD is going to allow DDR3 and DDR4 support simaltenously on this particular platform.

AMD Opteron 64-Bit ARM-Based Developer Kits Ready

AMD announced in public that their AMD Opteron A1100-series development kit becomes available for software and hardware developers and early adopters in large datacenters who can apply on AMD's web

AMD Q2 financial results show improvement, but still in red

Recently, AMD shared their financial results for Q2 2014 and from what is shown, year-over

Club3D RoyalQueen R9 280X VS MSI R9 280X Gaming

Today we're going to review two very sharp priced graphics cards based on the same reference card, the R9 280X. AMD has been dropping prices on gpu's like the R9 270X/280/280X because of their new upcoming release in August. Due to this pricedrop, the R9 280X has become a very valuable graphics card that can handle all games at 1080p if I'm not mistaken. The Tahiti architecture's age counts some ages already, but it's still a very capable architecture for today's gaming. With a pricetag around 250 Euros, this card has become one of the most awesome pirce/perfomance options, it also includes a never settle GOLD reward coming directly from AMD.

VIA working on new x86 cpu to compete with AMD and Intel

You all know the two topdogs with a x86-instructionset license as AMD and Intel. Anyway, many forget that there's an other company called VIA who's in charge of another x86-instructionset license.

Hawaii XTX GPU non existent - Continued

We have been discussing the existence of this faster Hawaii card in your previous article, but it seems like there were still some doubts about the non-existence of this card.

AMD Tonga GPU to replace the R9 280 in August

As we all know is Tonga AMD's contra-architecture against the very power efficient Maxwell architecture from Nvidia. The Chinese VR Zone (and related on Videocardz) has revealed that there should arrive a Tonga replacement for the Tahiti PRO core which is supported by the R9 280. The performance is expected to be inbetween the Tahiti XT and Tahiti PRO cores. Of course the power efficiency should be far better than the one featured on the Tahiti and Hawaii architectures.


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