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Hawaii XTX GPU non existent

Several rumors have been spread declaring that AMD's R9 290X is possibly not the 'full fat' Hawaii card. This revelation found on 8Pack some time ago is wrong according to our sources. Many tech websites have been writing articles ever since.

Leaked Titan Z review vs a Radeon R9 295x2!

As known, the Titan Z was launched at a price point of $2,999, however, there is no availability of the card.

Review: AMD A10 7850K Kaveri APU

Kaveri is AMD's first APU enabling HSA (Heterogeous System Architecture) features.

FirePro W9100 Announced by AMD

AMD has just announced their next flasgship FirePro product, the FirePro W9100.

AMD Catalyst 14.2 Beta Driver

AMD released a new Beta driver with enhanced Mantle support especially for multi-GPU configurations. It also solves some more Frame Pacing issues with Dual Graphics in resolutions above 2K.

AMD's Dockport Information leaked on YouTube

AMD recently posted a video on YoutTube sharing more information of their new Dockport. You remember AMD's Lightning Bolt? The rival of Intel Thunderolt?

AMD prepares R9 280 and R7 265

The R7 and R9 series AMD introduced last year, were far from complete. This year, AMD already released two new radeon graphics card named the R7 250X and the R7 260.

AMD launches the R7 250X

Nvidia introduced two new cards for their sub $100 gaming card class, the GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti, offering more performance per watt with its new Maxwell architecture which is used in these cards.

AMD Radeon R7 250X in the works was able to get a Sapphire R7 250X in picture which does predict that AMD is working on a graphics card to compete with the new GTX 750 (Ti) from Nvidia.

Catalyst 14.1 Brings Frame Pacing Fix To Dual Graphics Solutions?

AMD did a great job reducing the latency issues between each frame. In the Elder Scrolls test, you're able to see far better stability on the new drivers compared to the previous version. Hitman showed us comparable performance to a single R7 250 card, also Sleeping Dogs felt okay, although AMD could still improve the frame pacing in this game. Short, frame pacing issues have been reduced to a point where it's invisible in most games, but there is room for improvement in some situations. Dual Graphics can truly start to shine for the first time in history, as this is the beginning of a new exciting turn in this older technology that finally found a way to fix its largest weaknesses.


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