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AMD Opteron Warsaw chips launched

AMD announced two new 'Warsaw' chips in addition to the Opteron 6300 series. Both are based on the older Piledriver architecture, but they should bring better performance per watt to the market.

AMD to release new Kabini APUs in March

The Chinese VR Zone leaked some information that AMD will launch several new APUs in March using the newly called 'AM1' socket that will replace the FS1b socket.

Review: Club3D RoyalQueen R9 270X Dual-Fan

A week ago, we reviewed the RoyalQueen R9 270 from Club3D and we were very impressed by its per

CES 2014: AMD's Press Conference Webcast Replay

AMD was so kind to record their presentation at CES 2014 and place it online. The video contains also the first video of battlefield 4 using Manlte.

AMD Kaveri and Manlte performance on screen

AMD showed us some technical slides from either Kaveri and Mantle. Both contain some interesting numbers and information.

Kaveri A10 7800 benchmarked against A10 6800K

AMD Kaveri's launch isn't far away from now.

AMD delays Mantle patch for Battlefield 4 until January

AMD recently announced that they're going to delay Battlefield 4 Manlte patch until January 2014, there isn't yet a specific date available.

Unlocked AMD Hawaii GPU may have 48 Compute Units and 3072 Stream Processors

Some months ago, AMD launched their Hawaii GPUs to compete with the cards from Nvidia that were already released.

Review: Club3D RoyalQueen R9 270

AMD has been releasing many new GPUs since October.

Review: AMD A10 6790K

Today we introduce the AMD's newest APU, the A10 6790K. At a glance, it's really just an underclocked A10 6800K for a lower pricepoint, with almost no performance difference.


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