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Former AMD chief architect Jim Keller leaves Tesla to join Intel

The former AMD designer and Chief Architect of the ZEN architecture, Jim Keller, left AMD about a year ago. In the meantime, he joined Tesla to work on AI hardware as head of the department. Latest reports tell us that he left Tesla to fully focus on designing processors at another company. 

Apple planning to use own chips in Macs from 2020, moving away from intel

There's been a rumor over at Bloomberg about Apple willing to fabricate self-developed CPUs for their Mac computers. That'd mean that Apple will be moving away from Intel in terms of processors. Additionally they mentioned that it will not stop with processors as Apple wants the whole package to be working seamlessly together, so that also different devices like iPhones and iPads would be able to interact with Macs more naturally.

Intel's new hexa-core mobile processors

A recenty leaked roadmap from Intel, the market leader in the processor industry, shows a bright future for the multicore processor industry with Intel releasing their first hexa-core mainstream mobile processors soon.

Intel Core i9 7980X Launching September 25th

Intel released the last unknown specifications for the new Core X processor series with 14 up to 18 Cores. All skylake-X processors will require a LGA2066 X299 based motherboard. Starting from the 10 core model (7900X), these processors offer 44 PCIe 3.0-lanes and allow quad channel DDR4-2666MHz memory.

Intel prepares for Kaby Lake-G Processors

Intel has been working on a new class of processors based on the 14nm manufacturing process. While they're still part of the current 7th generation family, they'll be called the Kaby Lake G series and will have a revolutionary design sheme in comparison to Intel's usually processor design.


Ockel Sirius A - Merging Two Worlds

The pursuit of making everything portable and connected 24/7 drives the inspiration of Ockel to create something to keep up with the enormous amount of media we are prone to consume. Testing their idea of inventing a new world different from mobile and desktop, Ockel ...

Intel Core i7 7700K and more about Kaby Lake

After IDF there have been alot of stories going around about Intel's Kaby Lake based processors. Intel presents their new line of SKUs as the 3d generation CPUs fabricated on 14nm  using LGA1151 as socket. Like always, there's 2 unlocked K series processors in their line-up. 

Intel Technology Brings New Insights to X Games Austin

At the X Games Austin 2016 this past weekend, Intel technology helped bring fans closer to the action than ever before.

Toshiba Satellite Click Mini - Review

With the new school year having already started for some of you. It might be time to get a new laptop, that is if your old one is broken. But do you really need a $1000 gaming laptop? Say you have a dedicated desktop for gaming, then you obviously don’t need to spend another $1000 on a laptop. For that amount of money, you could get both a laptop and a tablet pc. Now, what if there’d be a way to combine your tablet, mostly for leisure use, with your school laptop?

The Intel Compute Stick - A pocket PC running windows

It has been a year that Google launched their Chromecast stick with which you can turn your old TV to a brand new smartTV. That said, the stick is able to provide you of some smart functions currently found in most modern televisions, but performs pretty slow. Intel’s Compute stick is fast enough to run windows 8.1 apps on your TV! Which requires a lot more power than ChromeOS. ChromeOS has some drawbacks as it’s based on just a browser-centric operating system.


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