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Acer W4-820 tablet review

Acer gave us the opportunity to review our first windows tablet. They sent us one of their W4-line carrying this slogan: "Never bored with a bright view". The W4-820 should offer lots of performance in a smaller package according to the specifications mentioned on the site. It's a tablet with an 8" screen and is easy to drag around with you. With a price of around 300 euro, we're tempted to see what this tablet has to offer.

Acer A1-830 tablet review

Acer's A1 830 belongs to their Budget tablet line up and will beat other tablets in the same price range in terms of performance when we look to its specifications. However, we don't only test processing ability, let's see how we see this tablet when we're ready with testing every part in and out. Enjoy!

Review: AMD A10 7850K Kaveri APU

Kaveri is AMD's first APU enabling HSA (Heterogeous System Architecture) features.

Review: Nvidia Geforce 337.50 BETA driver

The driver Nvidia announced some time ago finally showed up on their website and is available for download since this morning.

Review: MSI GTX 760 OC Gaming

Nvidia's GTX 760 features the same architecture like the GTX 670, 660 Ti and GTX 770. In terms of performance, the GTX 760 should perform in between the GTX 670 and the GTX 660 Ti.

MSI GTX 760 OC Twin Frozr Gaming review - Page 1


Review: Motorola Moto G

Motorola is back with a bang, surprising the consumers with its more than afforadable Moto G.

Review: Acer Liquid S2

The Acer Liquid S2 has been introduced late september last year in Berlin and surprised the public with this high end phablet at a very sharp price point.

Acer Liquid S2 Red review - Page 1


Review: Kingston Datatraveler Ultimate 3.0 g3 32gb

The Kingston Datatraveler Ultimate G3 gives us awesome read and write performance packed in a pretty stylish design. Some results were lower than expected, some were better, but after all the performance of this stick can be named as performance of the highest class. The stick has some little nice features like the 5 year warranty, the ring to connect it to your ringchain and the beautiful blue led on top of the stick. All of this together for a reasonable price. 


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